Sunday, 29 June 2008

Ee-Ee's First Visit to PSN

So while Micah went to school Max, Grandma, Ee-Ee and I had a wonderful morning.

We had roti chanai for breakfast.

The we took Ee-Ee to the Science Centre.

She should be given the best aunty award:
She pointed out to Max the lilies that were in bloom;
the dragonflies around the pond;
the mimosa for him to touch these "shy-shy" leaves
and a whole string of other stuff that caught her eye. She can really show a child the wonder of our world. Well done, Ee-Ee!

We left in time to send her back to work and pick Micah up from school.

Both boys had a good day. Micah had some cotton-candy/candy-floss in school. Dessert after snack. It's his first time having that. :)


Ann said...

Guess he must have finished all the candy floss before you managed to take any photos?? :)

I am so glad he is enjoying school!

Moomykin said...


Actually there were some left, rationed carefully by the teachers as they too don't agree to kids being on sugar-high. But I did not take any photos as I was busy talking to the teacher.

Candy floss is a real treat coz I would not buy any if it's just 2 boys sharing a big pack.
Hmmm... maybe the next time we have a party, I'll get some. :)