Sunday, 22 June 2008

Mommy the Bug Hunter

Ok. So I have to confess this:

Of late, I have been the one eagerly looking out for the bugs, and not so much the boys.

It's probably that they have moved on from that phase and it's only off and on that they'll want to go bug hunting at our back lane. But I spotted some chrysalis and decided to pick a few to wait to see newly formed ladybugs and set them free.

Today, Micah and I actually went and looked at the bittergourd creeper on the fence and started pointing out to each other the ones we spotted that are still on the leaf. In total I counted there were actually about 15 chrysalis. And we did not even get to look at the part of the creeper that had grown into our neighbour's garden! Delightful!

It's the season for the pretty spotty bugs again. :)

p/s- Would probably let Micah take this jar to school on Tuesday if they have not come out from their cocoon by then. That will be thrilling for the kids!


JLow said...

I was just thinking that Caitlin too has moved on from present-favourites to past-favourites.

I have 2-3 tapes of her favourite tv shows that she used to watch over and over again, during mealtimes, etc, before she started school. The notable ones are Bear in the Big Blue House and Pocoyo.

Since starting school, and partly cos Daddee started buying DVDs like Cinderella, Snow White, Bambi (the original 50's Disney version), Bee Movie, etc, Caitlin started watching those and kinda forgot about those shows....

Until just last night, at bed, she asked why Ojo had bad dreams... I had to recall what she was talking about. She was referring to a character from "bear bear" (in the Big Blue House), an episode from so long ago....

Their memories, and I guess those from experiencing something, are amazing.

Moomykin said...


yes, it's amazing what some things are retained in their memories like for the longest time.

And they do move on in their interest:

Micah is now into Pocoyo. Well, we all enjoy it too. They can be so funny.

One more that Micah finds funny and actually laughs at all the appropriate parts are "My Friends Tigger and Pooh." They are pretty funny too.

But for the longest time now, Micah is still crazy about trains and Max race cars/cars. :)

Maiasaurus Rex said...

Cha bor ah, it's CHRYSALIS lah, aiyo! I now know what my friend meant when she said kids are very taxing on the brain cells... please don't tell me you're turning into another walking example of that saying, you know... "Insanity is hereditary - you get it from your kids"!!!
And re: your latest comment - yes, you are more than welcome to stay! :) And yes, Cairo was great! (No umbrellas for us though, just big silly floppy hats - tres 70s!)

Moomykin said...

maiasaurus rex,

Terima kasih, cikgu!

Actually I never really know how to spell that. Thanks to Barney and friends!

I had always learnt them as pupa or cocoon. Even Eric Carl called it a cocoon in his "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

Shall change it promptly.

Errr... do I need to do spelling correction, like write the words 10 times over?