Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Big Day Plans Foiled

We were planning to go up to Genting Highlands for our celebration: Micah's birthday and our Anniversary. Cable car ride, go for the outdoor theme parks and also the indoor one*.

Was all excited and I stayed up the night before picking out what the boys were going to wear, repacked the kids' bag into a bigger knapsack so I could put in more snack and extra clothes plus a rain coat in case it rains.

I also cleared the laundry, two rounds (I admit I have some OCD here. Seems to need to clear the laundry before going off somewhere), pulled out pants-diapers for Max and worried about how much drinking water to carry. Puttered around for a couple of hours (Max calling out in his sleep to nurse a few times in between) and finally made myself sleep, debating still if I should also pack snacks for the adults (Grandparents coming along too).

Max had a pretty restless sleep. I slept on the couch downstairs a couple of hours with him wanting to be in his swing. By the time we woke up he had a slight fever. A couple of hours later it was quite high, so I took him to the doctor's instead. We spent an entire hour at the clinic (had waited longer before) and by the time we got back and his fever subsided, Gadget-daddy was already in a conference call.

So we just spent a lazy day at home, watched TV, the boys napped, Played with their new toy train set, ate some more birthday cake, played, played and played. Then the boys went to the park while I blogged. We spent most of the evening playing with Micah's new train set and watching another of Pinky on Youtube.

Btw, Micah is so into the Brainstem song and has watched it like umpteen times. So, since U.Lee did say it's not impossible to sing it, I searched the internet and found the words for the song here. :) (Thank you, internet!)

So that's pretty much our celebration this year. Quiet.

* The last time we were up at Genting, we just hung around at the indoor theme park. That was just before Max arrived. Because Micah was just 16 months, and me quite pregnant, we did not do too much, but enjoyed the cool weather. I sat sipping hot chocolate at a very strategic cafe, waving at Micah occasionally, while Gadget-daddy went on a few rides with him. The grandparents walked around on their own and met up with us sporadically. We all had a wonderful time.


JLow said...

Sounds like it was a well deserved indoor chilling family time regardless.

Hope the little man gets well soon. There will be other opportunities for the trip I am sure!

Ann said...

The first time sounded GREAT. And I am sure when then next time comes, and it will, it will bereally hectic and really great too!

Glad though that Max was feeling better all within the post in itself!

Moomykin said...


He was actually fine by middle of the day. My sis said sometimes it could be that they're just fighting off some bug at that time.

So glad he's alright.



Thanks. It can be quite fun just hanging around in a different environment. Just make sure you get some long sleeves for boy boy if you're to take him up. :)

neomesuff said...

blessing in disguise beb..