Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Bugs Discoveries

The garden has become Mommy's biology lab and classroom. Now to be extended to Micah's classroom.

The ladybugs were out by the time I peeked into the jar before packing them into the car.

All the bugs were out of the chrysalis except one. We also had caught a grasshopper and a shiny bug (I think it's a cousin to the ladybugs because of their basic body structure).

After school, we took them back to let them out again onto the bittergourd creeper. There I discovered more ladybugs that had emerged from the other cocoons.

The interesting discover I made today was that one of newly emerged bug was actually yellow, like the colour of the grub and the chrysalis. Maybe it's kinda like their version of an albino. How about that?
Notice the yellow ladybug emerging from the chrysalis?

So far I have only seen three yellow ladybugs: One was last year, and now two bugs having emerged yellow. However, I don't find any of them later on to the creeper. I wonder if they eventually turn red or do they die off or get preyed on sooner than the red ones.

Micah and Max have had a fine time playing with the ladybugs, letting them run along their fingers and hand, then transferring them to the other hand. The boys really enjoys this, and I am so glad they are so in love with nature. :)

p/s- If you like good photography of bugs, check this out! Really fascinating!

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