Thursday, 12 June 2008

So How Would You Change Your Lifestyle, People?

Got tagged by Lia, and she has a pretty good list!

So here's mine:

1. Reduce frills in life.
Cut down on junkfood and cookies (mainly for adults, but also monitor the kids'). Ration the kid's box drinks.

2. Reduce making trips out (in the car) for minor stuff, even if it's just near by.

3. Trouble my in-laws more.
Just tumpang (tag a shopping list along) them to buy stuff if they are out, so to reduce burning up more fuel.

4. Stay home more. Reduce driving
This means visiting less of my mom.

5. When at home, reduce using the a/c in the day.
This means for me and the boys to play downstairs more (my room tends to be like an oven in the day), or in the porch.

6. When eating out, order what is needed - main meal.
If really need to, take dessert at McD's. The ice-cream is actually quite good. happiness for my boys (and they usually share one! Good darlings.)

7. When eating out, ask for drinking water - better yet, bring your own.
We pay too much for the drinks most of the time, except in Chinese eateries where tea is fairly priced.

8. Switch off electrical appliances when not in use.
Need to train the boys to do this with the TV and fan. Adults need to remember to switch off too, or just do it for others.

Other things we are already doing:

9. Trade stuff with market sellers.
This my MiL does and I really applaud her: she brings bundles of plastic bags from our grocery shoppings, sometimes sweet potato leaves (a vege we eat) from our backyard, and she trades them for dry noodles cakes and chilli paste.

10. Recycle trash.
Even the boys know some stuff are to be "thrown" into the recycling bag in the kitchen. (We give them to a relative whose children can't fully support her and she sorts them and sells them.)

11. Reduce using cooking gas/electric stove/oven.
Cook more during breakfast and have the same for lunch.

12. Recycle bath water.
Use the kid's bath water to flush toilet or wash the bathroom floor.

13. Reduce bathing in bathtubs.
Do a quick shower for the kids to save water.

14. Reduce boiling water to twice a day.
Drink less tea, drink more plain water. But can still make my Milo from hot water in flask. :)

How would you change your lifestyle?


mumsgather said...

Coming soon....

JLow said...

This is quite an "open-question" meme, cos if I sit down to think about it, there are so many things I could do differently....

Oh, the sudden freedom and then not knowing what (in this case, how) to do!

Will do it nonetheless :)

mumsgather said...

All done here. :)

Sorry I had to do it on a different blog than the one you tagged me on because I can't access that blog today.

neomesuff said...

uuuuu...errrrrrr...i dowanna change!!!...but i hafta...heheheee
ok will do the tag...
btw we meet on sunday tau not saturday..;-)

JLow said...

Okay, done here :)

Angelia said...

woohooo I like this tagging :)

Angelia said...

Could you provide a linkback to the actual post that began it :) thanks :)

wow, read everyone's list, some really great ideas I havent thought of!!! :)

Moomykin said...

Thank you, all, for all your fine ideas.



sorry I forgot to put the original link earlier. Did it in wee hours of the morning, then some more gotta use brain, hahaha...

Anyway, made the adjustments already. :)

Moomykin said...


Tagging if fun, eh? And to think you did not want to do it the first time I tagged you. :D


Angelia said...

haha It does depend on what the tag is :)

this is something I've been thinking of for a while! So I kaypoh!

A gift from God said...

coming soon Kathie...very busy..and lazy too..coming soon... :)

Angelia said...

I took one decluttering step! (well a few, but small ones hehe).

the playroom is done! yay! I blogged abt it, so funny, I finished the job today and I was so excited, then my next thought was "MUST BLOG!"

arent I sad LOL