Thursday, 19 June 2008

School Time For All.

So this is what's happening in our home with just ONE boy going off for KINDY:

Mommy wakes up at 7am to get herself ready and to pack other necessary stuff, i.e. hot water flask, milk powder, etc. At this time, grandma is already busy preparing breakfast for the rest of the house, or she'd be back from the market with breakfast and other stuff she needed from the market.

Micah usually wakes himself up about 7.30-7.45am. gets changed, sometimes a shower if he feels it's not too cold, and his milk in front of the TV. (One show to entertain him, usually Bob the Builder, while he drinks his milk. Still on the bottle. Will do something about weaning him next year. 5 years old's milestone!)

Just as we hit 8am, I will get him into the car. So far I have not been successful in stealing out of the house without Max. He will wake up before we leave and so we will bundle him and grandma along. She'll feed the boys their breakfast in the car as we take the 30mins - 50mins journey (depending on the traffic). We would all be on the look out for trucks, tractors, trains, etc.

Micah gets to school on time, if not earlier than other friends, and the three of us have three hours to kill before we pick him up. It's really just too far to go back home.

Since it's been just the first week for us, we have not quite established a routine for ourselves yet. we have visited a park near by (and discovered that was the day thet were starting on some renovation), walked around a wet market and then sit at a coffee shop for breakfast, and walking about a shopping mall.

Heading to Ah Ma's house (my mom's) seems a pretty good idea. Of course we could go to the science center still, once a week, for the benefit of Max.

Other possible ideas:

1. go swimming once a week, but not sure how Max will take that with his sensitive nose;

2. get Gadget-daddy to send Micah in the morning and we go pick him up about 12pm, that is when he's around and up to waking up so early - usually after a weak of being overworked in Jakarta he takes the week back to rest as much as he can;

3. ....
(can't think of any more at the moment. And I am really trying no to have any shopping malls involved if I can. hahaha...)

By the time we get back, the boys take their lunch and are ready for a nap. Max needs one, Micah usually does, but occasionally skips it. Grandma needs one too. Mommy definitely needs one.


JLow said...

Just read the earlier post about Micah overcoming the anxiety of going to school: Well done Micah! And Mommy too! I know the feeling when they finally achieved a major milestone, and does it with such affirmation, so mature-like and matter-of-fact manner! Yes, he makes his mum proud, again!

WIth Caitlin already at school, I know my parents in law would sometimes go shopping with now 5month old Caleb in the stroller. Sometimes they also do go have something to eat at a kopitiam.. But I gotta be fair to say that Caitlin's preschool is actually walking distance from my inlaws' house.

Moomykin said...


we all wish that Micah's school is a walking distance for us too.

But it seems my family, as in my parents, had always had this situation: how to kill time while waiting for someone to finish their appointment. I would love to establish a routine for us, but currently we are thinking of a 5 month term. Come next year it may be a different story.

A gift from God said...

mmmm.... Kathie... maybe you can tell me the location and maybe I can tell you a fun place to go? you can sms me for privacy.... :)

Actually swimming is really a good idea..even if the little one has a sensitive nose...just let him play in the wading pool if they have one... it's better than wandering around aimlessly.... :)

hissychick said...

Hi Kathie,

I am so glad to hear that Micah has settled in so well at school. It provides such good stimulation for our kids and a well deseeved beak for Mum too :)

It's a pity that you have to travel such a long distance. If it were me I would be starting a simple routine of a couple of shopping chores followed by a play in a park/swimming/some other Max activity and morning tea. Max would probably love the predictability of knowing that first you drop Micah at school, then you pick up some groceries and then this is followed by a play in the park/pool/whatever before having some morning tea and then picking Micah up....

Moomykin said...

a gift from god,

Swimming would be ideal - for me even, as in getting some exercise!!

Well, where we are it's not too far from the Science center so I suppose I could still do that once a week and maybe swimming once a week and try to plan some other play-dates for Max.

The real tricky bit is my MiL who helps a lot while we brave thru the morning traffic, but after that it's really like wasting her time. Sigh...

Moomykin said...


Thanks. I have alwys loved school and am glad Micah is also enjoying himself now.

Yes, must try to establish some routine for Max myself and my mum-in-law! I really feel like I'm wasting her time sometimes, with her tagging along. She just worries too much about the boys not getting enough attention while I'm driving.

A gift from God said...


A student's mom of mine operates this place calls the first book. They have a library and internet facilities and apparently caters for family, they have family packages that includes free use of the books in the library and all the facilities they have there and during the school holidays...your children are also entitled to free workshops... how much you may ask.. I don't know.. you can find out. They are in Bangsar, same row with Macdonalds. Number to call: 2287 4805. Good luck!

Moomykin said...

a gift from god,

Oh, wow. Thanks so much. That'll be good to have a look at. :)

Ann said...

Reading this post first since the last time I checked in!

Don't think there is much to do in that area! Maybe can go to the library in PJ?

Too tired to think now. Let me think about this in the plane! :)

Moomykin said...


Thanks. :)

A friend also recently told me about the PJ library. Will go check it out one of these days. Thanks.