Wednesday, 25 June 2008

More Adventures for School

One of the mom's, actually Micah's best pal's mom, suggested having tadpoles in class to let the children observe their development into frogs.

So what did Micah and Mommy do while Max took his nap?

We went out to the park and hunted a few (a bunch actually) of tadpoles and will be bringing them to school tomorrow.

We checked out two of the fish pond, but found no tadpoles. Then we went further to a fountain and found a whole bunch of them in shallow waters. Micah was so excited when we were catching the tadpoles that he called his friend on the spot and reported the happy news.

This is really working out pretty good for Micah too, because it gives him something to look forward to in sharing with his friends in school. It also reduces his separation anxieties in the morning when getting ready to leave the house.

(Sorry, in Mommy's excitement to go get the tadpoles she forgot to bring the camera. No shots of Micah in action, nor of our lovely park's fish ponds and fountain.)


Ann said...

Oh...that would be something I can keep in mind too to do when my son is bigger. keep us updated on the froggy progress!

hissychick said...

Bugs and tadpoles are great ideas. We tend to look out for butterflies but that's about it.

In a few weeks time and with a bit of help I am going to resurrect our vegie patch, which is currently overgrown and home to my arch nemesis huntsman spiders and snakes and who knows what else. However I think that A would love to discover the joy of growing food and so I will overcome my lack of green thumb for her :)

A gift from God said...

Oh.... those little creatures.. I used to love cathing them after a downpour at the field near my house..haha..

Moomykin said...


Oh, will do. :)

These experiments can be so exciting for the kids and Mommies too. :)



butterflies are lovely, but caterpillars do eat a lot more than ladybugs and tadpoles and fish.

Oh, the garden patch sounds lovely. Just have to keep an eye on E as she would sure to want to get her hands dirty too! :D

Moomykin said...

a gift from god,

it's hard to find them in drains these days as most of our drains are rather deep and usually covered for safety reasons and good and well that it is so.

So we had to go look for them at a park. Thank God for parks.