Thursday, 12 June 2008

To Add to the List

To add to the list of changing lifestyle:

1. Use the broom and dustpan everyday, vacuum only once a week.

2. Use tiffin-carrier to pack food (as Lia had mentioned. Just agree totally on that).

3. Bring your own drinking tumblers to fast-food joints, or mug to cafes, to reduce using their paper/plastic cups.

4. Use more of the old-fashion cloth kitchen towel to clean up spills on tables/ counter tops. Use less paper towels.

5. In the shower, turn off the showers when soaping or shampooing the hair. Also, do all the soaping and shampooing and cleaning of the face before washing off all the bubbles at a go. Saves water.

These are very workable ideas, though I don't know how far I can go with the bringing own tumblers/mug as I already carry a pretty heavy baby bag (backpack) -

extra change of clothes for 2 boys,
a diaper for emergency,
a bottle of drinking water,
hot water flask,
2 milk bottles (each is half filled with water already),
3 rounds of 6oz of milk powder each,
3 small containers of different biscuits,
my fat wallet (cards and coins),
a camera,
tissue and wet wipes..
(handphone usually in my pocket so that I can hear it/feel the vibration.
Half the time I am also carrying my koala-clingi 30 month old boy.
Yes, this explains why I am starting to get varicose veins!!)


Angelia said...

To help reduce the load:

Let Micah carry his own smaller backpack with one set of baju/change, 1 plastic bag in case. Milk bottle in the side pocket.

my boys dont drink formula so that didnt happen so I just brought a water bottle wich they carried :)Can your boys do without the milk or take milk in a packet?

Pullups were a blessing, less bulky than nappies. I have a front pouch with wipes etc in it and all my other crap LOL.

K wanted his own little backpack too so he has that with similar things as Js (now the Js are older, no spare clothes to bring hehe). It hangs on the stroller. Do you use the stroller with Max? K still asks to be carried if he's in a manja mood but with him weighing 15kg, I said no, you have to walk. I pengsan nanti LOL

You can't afford to hurt your back hun, less of the carrying, he can walk well, train him to hold onto your hand and wear his own little backpack, macam big ko-ko :)

you don't need to bring the containers of biscuit (I used to do that too). now you can get those small prepacked biscuits, I use those instead. MUCH lighter hehehehe.

Let them help you more, spread the load, you'd be pleasantly surprised how much they love to help! (the "teen/tween" attitude comes later, sooner than you'd like! lol).

I don't mind to sound like Im lecturing or something (please dont take it that way). I've had to lug these guys around everywhere and anywhere so Ive learnt little things. cos Im prone to backaches :(

just little experience tips ;)

Moomykin said...


Thanks. It's ok. I am one who asks and listens to opinions most of the time anyway. Always good to know what could be coming my way from more experienced people.

I can already imagine carrying a nice handbag with MY stuff and get the boys to carry their own stuff. Leave Micah's milk stuff in the car whenever possible. (He's still like a baby and need to drink out of the milk bottle to sleep.)

Angelia said...

hehee I dont want to upset you mah.

It's really important to save your back (yes, I say this but I often have to forcibly remind myself) cos well, if mums can't move cos of back probs, ow, pengsan!

yes, get em to help :)