Monday, 30 June 2008

Poor Baby

Max is now in the hazards stage.

He wants to do a lot of things, especially after observing the fun his brother has, but he cannot always match up to the ability. It's really physiological. He's not as tall, and his skills and hand-eye coordination are not as advance.

So on Saturday morning, Grandma chopped down a papaya tree (it was already showing signs of a early death and she did not want it to come crashing down on its own in case it falls on anyone). While grandma was doing that, then pulling off the leaves to discard them properly, the boys started playing around her, pretending to help. Well, they wanted to help, but the thrill and novelty of having a free felled was too much fun. So they did not actually helping her in any way.

Later when they came in, Max complained of a sore eye. To my horror the skin around both his eyes had red. He looked like a panda, a pink version. He was crying, already tired as they now wake up pretty early in the morning, and soon fell asleep. Later in the evening I took him to see the doctor and got some cream.

Sunday evening. It was after their nap that Micah and Max started playing at the back. At one point Micah leapt off a counter (almost 3 feet high) and Max wanted to follow him.

I told Max to hold my hand. He refused.
"Hold my hand, Max"
"No. I can. I can do myself."
He pushed my hand away and jumped.

He landed on his feet first, and then his face hit the ground.

Needless to say the wails could be heard from 10 houses away.
Poor baby. There were two slit lines on his lips and he had blood inside his mouth.

He cried. I washed him over and over. Gave him some cold water to help ease the pain in his mouth. He wanted to nurse but said there was something in his mouth. He could not spit it out though he tried. Mommy just got puddles of blood and saliva in her palm. Later I noticed he had lost a tooth.
Poor baby.
Even later in the night, There were still spots of blood on the bedsheets.

Today, he fell of a stool and hit his head while trying to turn on a light by himself.
Sigh... Poor baby.

For all the headache and heartaches my boys put me through, I can only thank God they are safe and well, despite their many cuts, bumps and bruises.


hissychick said...

Hi Kathie,

I hope Max is feeling better today. It's awful when our little ones have accidents isn't it...and treading the fine line between giving them some freedom to learn and trying to prevent accidents is very difficult at times.

Also hope your internet connection is back up to speed, I 've missed your posts!

Take care

JLow said...

Poor baby indeed; I found myself going "Ohh" when I saw the pic of Max's aftermath.

Yes, it is very heart wrenching when we failed to protect them. Caleb fell off a knee-height bed on Friday evening.

Will blog about it soon...

Ann said...

Oh dear....that is one of the things to put up with with 2 boys I guess. Hmm....

Hope Max is alright now. Maybe can get Micah to guide his little brother around? Will that work?

Moomykin said...


It is a risk we have to take when we want them to earn to run, walk on their own two feet... and we really cant keep them in a bubble... yes, a fine line indeed...



Oh, your poor baby too!!

I can imagine the poor baby's trauma. Hope he's ok.

Max actually looks a lot better by today. Kids really recover so fast. The lip is still a little swollen and the gash still has some pus but he is as his usual self.

Moomykin said...


I think Micah and Max have the same problem: they cannot remember that one is younger than the other and cannot do everything the older one can. Micah tends to show his brother all the fun but dangerous things to do and his brother will want to do it too...

2 little monkeys I have.