Sunday, 15 June 2008

Meeting Under the Badge Again!

Mommy had a good time on Fathers day.
It was a girls' thing.
High Tea at Aseana Cafe, Dynasty Hotel.
Graduates of St. Mary's Girls' School gather.

It was getting together with some old school friends again and this time our theme color was red. (We had met up twice already, and each time we wore the different sports house's colours.)

It was a lot of fun catching up with old friends and this time it involved girls from other batches too, interestingly, one was of my older sisters (1987).

As usual, we also filled each other in on what other friends are now doing and where they are. Mostly good news. But a couple of sad news. Most of all we talked about how our kids are in school now and how tings are so different for them and how it was for us. We must have loved school.

The other thing that was special in this get together was that two of our teachers came along. One stayed for tea (more like lunch) with us, but the other just stayed a while to say "hi" as she had another function to attend.

One of our friends brought along her 8month old girl, while most of us came on our own so that we could just eat and chat with our old school mates.

Thank you Rima and Aida for getting it together!


neomesuff said...

uuuuuuu..i came late!!! i missed ms pillay..good to c her in the pics...she hasnt change!!!

Moomykin said...


not only that she looks the same, she also talks the same. Sure brings back loads of memory of school days!