Friday, 27 June 2008

Business As Usual

After yesterday's big scare for Mommy, everything was running as usual for us today. Despite Mommy waking up late today, we managed quite well.

Micah went to school, late by 10 minutes, but so were 3 of his classmates. Max, Grandma and Mommy went to playgroup after having breakfast with Ee-Ee.

Then we got back, the boys had some pasta for lunch. Then Max took a nap, watched Cars till he fell asleep in his swing. Mommy did the laundry and Micah played with the kittens and also helped "water" some plants in the backyard (actually the back lane) while grandma worked in the kitchen.

Later in the evening, after Max woke up, we played again at the back lane: hunted ladybugs, patted the cat and kittens, talked to some other neighbours.

Micah showered 3 times today because he got messy with all the watering and carrying of the kitties. He let the ladybugs crawled up and down his hands and lower arm till Mommy declared they need to get their food or they'll be too tired and not be happy ladybugs. max folloed his brother in all the activities.

Micah fell asleep after dinner - oops, did not brush his teeth- and Max fell asleep a couple of hours later, half way watching Shrek (certain sections only actually).

Now both boys are beauutifully asleep and Mommy need to turn in. Already my eyes are tearing and nose running. Must be the effects from yesterday's panic: immediate loss of immunity and got attacked by a cold bug. The Chinese will say it's the effect of a scare.

Good night.

Oh, Gadget-daddy will be home tomorrow. Yay!


Ann said...

Yay too!

hope your flu will sneeze itself away and that you will be well soon.

It is always a scare and then everything will be back to normal till the next scare!

life ya....

Mummy-yeoh said...

It is a scary episode. In a split second we have to decide what is the wisest thing to do. When all is over, we most probably look back and realised that we have taken such risk...but that is what parenting is all about, I think :)

We cannot always be there for our children protecting them but God can. Even in times we forgot to pray He will always watch over them and even in times we think that we failed as parents. I guess He knows that we need Him the most to watch over our children.

On scary episodes, we may always look back with fear but we can also look back and see His angels surrounding our children.

Moomykin said...


Thank you for the well wishes.

Yes... that's life. Some drama in the midst of the mundane. hahaha...



Yes, Thank God indeed for his grace and mercy.

Truly he is our perfect Heavenly Father who is always there for us.