Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Limbo (No Rock)

Gadget-daddy has been busy doing some critical work in Jakarta. The people there like him too, because we speak Malay. Plus Gadget-daddy is a little more familiar with Indonesian terms from his younger days in Sabah for a month's stay with a native in the jungles.

So we were suppose to be relocated for a while, maybe 6 months, or longer, and then... where-ever next.
Or so I thought.

Latest news is that it Might or might-not be July; it might be later, or not at all.

Have I mentioned that Micah has to be in school?

After our first attempt last year, and the trauma he experienced , he has now agreed to go to school because he is four. And this is after I have been mentally preparing him from beginning of this year, and anxiously waited for his birthday to pass. I am sure he was as anxious as I, if not more:
Torn between wanting his birthday to come so as to get his present, but not wanting to be 4 as he has to go to school.

If we are to move, will any school take us in now for a month or two?
Which school next? Will any school take us in where we are moving to? Where is that I am also uncertain.
How will the poor boy cope with a lot of changes in a few months?
Will he be able to learn anything, establish some new skills before we move on?

Are we moving?

When? Are we moving or not?!!

I am not going to think about this... As if it's possible.

Everyone I know pops the questions every now and then: So are you guys relocating? When?

When and where, I, too, would like to know.

Can't blame Gadget-daddy he is swamped with work and can't even talk to his boss about this.

But I am losing hair over this...

But thank God the place we go for playgroup has agreed to take Micah in,
starting this Thursday.


Now to try to sleep...


Ann said...

Oh...the playgroup starts TOMMORROW!

Hope he has fun.

I reckon just enroll him in school and when the relocation happens, it happens. God's timing is always BEST right?

Don't be anxious about anything but in everything through prayer and petition, present your requests to God and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will fill your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus!
(I am writing from case I got the phrases wrong!)

Take care my dear. Take it easy! Kids will cope and survive.

hissychick said...

It's hard enough when faced with so many choices and decisions for yourself, let alone when kids are involved.

I'd go ahead and enrol Micah in school (by which you mean kindy or preschool right?). It's better to at least have a go than wonder without trying.

It took A quite a while to settle into the daycare environment...but about three seconds to adapt to the preschool program. She absolutely adores it. And I'm sure Micah will too :) Good luck

Angelia said...

good luck with the playgroup! I think if you are relaxed, they are more able. Sometimes kids adapt faster than the parents hehe (or grandparents haha).

I think it would do him good and you too! You're raising good boys who are curious about the world around them so school is just an extension of that.

Hey, I wanna tag you :) hehe

Or Ann and hissychick or anyone :)

Angelia said...

I guess it is also hard to plan anything when you don't know what's going on, whether you're moving, not moving, staying, going, where, when?

it's frustrating huh? Hang in there! It will happen, prob sooner than ready for LOL

mumsgather said...

I don't think you need to worry to much about Micah either way. Just do what you feel most comfortable with and listen to your heart as well as Micah.

My girl is in kindy this year for the first time. She is 6. She never attended any nursery, preschool or playgroup or whatever before this. She was a very shy girl too. She would run to hide under the table when my sis came to visit.

But you know what? She has taken to kindy like a fish to water. So I think your Micah would too when the time is right. You don't have to worry about his separation anxiety. I believe he will outgrow it.

I will be sending my boy who is 4 this year to kindy next year at age 5. Do you know that I get stares and questions from the teachers, other parents and grandparents whenever he accompanies me to pick up his sister from school? But I'm not bothered. He is my child and I will send him when I see fit.

So don't worry about what others say. He is your child. If you think school is better for him, then send him. Most of them would accept anytime during the year I think. If you think he will be stressed up by too many changes, then wait first.

I worry constantly about not giving enough time for my second too. But you know what? Now that his sister is in school. I don't give more time to him but to myself instead! Oh gosh. I feel so guilty now. Better run. Hahaha.

Sorry comment rather long. Hehe.

*lynne* said...

I hear ya about the uncertainty... am facing that myself right now, although thankfully it's just Kosh & me to worry about, as opposed to you and your very valid concerns about schooling... can't give you any solid advice, but what I can do is keep u in my thoughts and will send ya positive vibes so that your uncertainty gets resolved.


Moomykin said...


Thank you.
Thank you for the encouragement.

Yes, we enrolled him at the kindy where we go for playgroup. It's pretty far for us to travel everyday, though...



Yes, it is preschool. Hhahaha.. sorry if I confused you.

Thank you for the assurance. I hope Micah will be as happy as A in school.

Moomykin said...



You know how things can get at where Gadget-daddy is... I also try not to stress him out with my frequent asking questions which he cannot answer - regarding moving. Hahaha...

OK. will do the tag.

Moomykin said...


Thank you for sharing. I am encouraged.

sometimes I get a little anxious because I don't know if Micah will feel stressed by seeing what other kids can already do and have to play catch up.

That's why we have placed him in a school quite far from where we stay, near his father's office, which we know is not stressful and have good teachers, and No homework!!

I do plan to spend more time with No.2 while he No.1 is in school, because we will be waiting for koh-koh together, so looking forward to time for more play, maybe do a little "work" (mommy's side) and just bond.