Monday, 2 June 2008

Micah is Four!!

So we celebrated Micah's birthday on Sunday, so that everyone around could make it for a dinner and cake and song.

The last two years he had his big little-party at playgroup. This year as his birthday was during school break, we did not make a fuss... kinda.
Just more of a happy family celebration.

Dinner at a nice Chinese Restaurant,

Cake and song at home,

Followed by opening of presents and ...

The birthday boy not bothered about cake after that!

Happy Birthday, Micah!!

(glow in the dark t-shirt from aunty Nikki)


hissychick said...

Happy Birthday Micah! The sheer joy and excitement on his face says it all/

Wonderful photos, wonderful day :)

JLow said...

Happy birthday Micah!

milochel said...

happy ANNIVERSARY!!! kaiye din reply my sms..:(

Ann said...

Not the actual day I guess!

Good that birthdays are the easiest happiest memories we can build into our kids! And nothing is happier than just a simple family celebration.

Moomykin said...


Thank you.

Kids grow so fast!



the actual day was 2nd June.