Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Pool-side Party

We went for one of Micah's classmate's party last Sunday and had great fun.
Thank you, Jade and Joanne Kam, for having us over.

It was the boys' first successful pool-side party (there were 2 other such parties, but it rained on the day of the party so we ended having the party in the house.)

I must apologise that we did not get any shot of the party girl and her beautiful cake (gotta check with Gadget-daddy if he caught any with his camera - Yes, yes. He had to carry his own camera!).

Anyway, there are a couple of shots to tell of the fun they had!

(Oh, Max did not want to get into the pool because he did not like the swim suite clinging on to him, so he changed and just ran around with Mommy tailing him.)


Ann said...

So nice....I think kids love pools once they get the hang of it! Lots of water and sun = FUN!!!

By the way, how much was the swimming costume that you got him?

Moomykin said...


Yes, lots of fun...unless it's Max who still can't stand the wet clothes clinging on to him.

Gadget daddy suggested him taking a skinny-dip, but I worry about him catching a cold.